Who We Are

At the heart of our commitment to providing a home for Taita Taveta’s vibrant creative community lies a deep-rooted belief in the power of cinema to transcend boundaries and cultures. We believe that film has a unique ability to celebrate the complexity of the human condition and that it is our responsibility to steward that power toward creating meaningful change in our world.

That said, TTFF strives to engage and empower communities, encourage dialogue, educate, and champion local artists. Driven by passion and curatorial excellence, we are dedicated to showcasing the finest in cinema, not just for the entertainment of our audiences but to spark meaningful conversations, inspire change, and shine a light on diverse human experiences.

Our Vision

To organise and establish the largest and most prestigious Film Festival in the region that is focused on providing a platform for the exchange of ideas to encourage creative and business collaborations, along with nurturing emerging cinematic talent to promote the development of Taita’s film industry, all while showcasing the finest in cinema to Taita Taveta County.