The Festival

The festival

Hello and welcome to the Inaugural Taita Taveta Film Festival! The Festival was founded out of a strong desire to promote Taita Taveta filmmakers while simultaneously showing off Taita region, its people, talent, and culture through quality cinema. The Taita Taveta Film Festival will be an annual two-day celebration of film and creativity featuring industry panels, peer-to-peer interviews, evening afterparties, live screenings, Q&A’s and overall fun times.

Every year, the Festival will invite artists from all over the region to give their own interpretation of the world of today and tomorrow. Our vision is to achieve longevity while still remaining faithful to our founding purpose: to draw attention to and raise the profile of films, with the aim of contributing towards the development of cinema, boosting the film industry worldwide and celebrating cinema at an international level. We will always painstakingly curate our offering to ensure we showcase hidden gems alongside more mainstream films.

We also recognize that we are in a world of constantly changing images, as such, we must continue to reinvent ourselves from the inside. We endeavour to do so by constantly asking ourselves questions about the various aspects of the event so that we can best prepare for the future with conviction and commitment while staying attuned to the issues of our time.