We are looking for something cinematic. Something that will evoke a certain feeling. This can be achieved through editing, the colour grading of the film, sound design/music, narrative e.t.c. This is to say all of these aspects will be considered when judging your film

TTFF uses FilmFreeWay to accept all submissions. All you have to do is create an account, search Taita Taveta Film Festival and follow the guidelines to submit your film

No. Submission Fee is NOT required. It is absolutely FREE

There is no sure way to say a definite prize because this will change from year-to-year, at the discretion of the organizers. However, a monetary award is to be expected.

No, in order to give a chance to all filmmakers, we insist that you submit only one film for consideration. Ensure that you select your best film in line with the theme.

The general requirement is that you are from Taita Taveta County. That said, all the requirements regarding the theme and length of the film will be on our website under ‘The Festival‘ page. Alternatively please visit our FilmFreeway platform to see all the requirements including the submission deadlines

Unfortunately there is no defined method for the winning criteria. We consider a variety of things including quality, storyline, theme, narration, editing and much more. Please make sure that you submit something that you are happy with.

Please see the Submission guidelines here

Seeing that we could not secure any big events ground. This year’s festival will be by invitation only. However, be sure to follow the event on our social media platforms. We endeavour to accomodate more people in the coming years.

We purpose to hold one event per quarter. Please watch out for any updates regarding this on our social media platforms.

All screening changes (including date, time, and location) will be announced on our social media channels and the updated schedule will be available on our website

Four. See Submission guidelines.

Short answer, Yes. However, seeing that the theme changes every year, we do not see how a resubmission from the previous year can be eligible unless it has been re-edited. Should you choose to resubmit a film, please ensure that it meets the minimum requirements for it to be considered. 

We intend to communicate to every filmmaker as soon as the jury panel is done with reviewing the films. The winning films will only be announced on the final day of the festival.

Yes, all venues have food and drinks that can be purchased by you at the venue.