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Welcome to the Taita-Taveta Film Festival 2024 Edition. We are glad that you are considering submitting your film with us!!

Please note that you do not need to be a seasoned filmmaker to submit your film. As a matter of fact, the Festival’s goal is to nurture growing talents and provide a platform to up and coming filmmakers!! Do not self-reject!
That said, in order to ensure that you are a good fit for us and us for you, kindly read the submission guidelines below.

Good luck! We look forward to reviewing your submission!

#TTFF2024 Submission Guidelines

Taita Taveta Film Festival is now taking submissions for #TTFF2024. It will be the Festival’s first edition that will take place in February (dates to be communicated).

  • All attending filmmakers will be invited to take part in post-screening Q&A, and interviews.
  • All in-competition films will come from open submissions submitted through FilmFreeWay. The festival will end with the awards ceremony, with winners chosen by four judges hand-picked by the organizing committee.
  • Filmmakers will have plenty of opportunity to network with other film creatives at a festival that is known as a relaxed, filmmaker friendly event in a town that can offer an experience to attendees beyond the festival itself.

We are looking for independent short films/mini-documentaries/animation of between 5 – 7 minutes from creatives and filmmakers.


All Taita Taveta native residents
All Taita Taveta residents living and working in other counties/countries
All films/documentaries/videos filmed in Taita Taveta county by a local or otherwise.


Participants submit works from December 21, 2023 to February 6, 2024
Judges select qualified works, rate and name the winners from February 15th to February 16th, 2023
Awards announcement and exhibition in late February.

Awards & Prizes

All films in the official selection will compete for awards in the following categories:

  • Film of the Festival
  • Best Cinematography
  • Best Edit
  • Best Narrative

rules & Theme

TTFF is looking for independent short films/mini-documentaries of between 5 – 7 minutes from creatives and filmmakers of Taita Taveta County.

Thematic Content
This year’s theme is Tourism. In our quest to showcase the county and all its beauty, we are requesting for short films/mini-documentaries surrounding the aforementioned theme. The Your film could explore topics in, but not limited to the following areas:

Natural Attractions: Highlight the diverse wildlife, landscapes, and conservation efforts in our world-renowned national park.
Explore the biodiversity and cultural significance of the Taita Hills and indigenous forests.

Suggestion: Feature breathtaking shots of wildlife, flora, and the local communities living in harmony with nature.

Cultural Tourism: Showcase the rich cultural heritage of the Taita and Taveta communities, including traditional dances, music, and rituals. Capture the vibrancy and authenticity of cultural experiences

Cultural Experiences: Provide insights into local cuisine, crafts, and the daily lives of the people.

Adventure and Ecotourism: Highlight outdoor adventures like hiking, rock climbing, and cycling in the county’s scenic locations.

Eco-Tourism Initiatives: Showcase sustainable tourism practices and Eco-friendly adventures present in the county.

Historical Sites: Provide a historical narrative of various sites as well as their historical significance with engaging visuals of these ancient sites.
Community-Based Tourism: Showcase community-led tourism initiatives that empower locals and benefit the region.

Conservation Success Stories: Feature individuals and groups working towards the protection and preservation of Taita Taveta’s natural resources.

Guideline: Highlight the positive impact of community involvement and conservation efforts on tourism.

Wildlife Conservation: Discuss the challenges and successes in protecting endangered species.

Sustainable Practices: Highlight initiatives and organizations dedicated to environmental sustainability.

Highlight the impact of traditions on conservation and/or tourism.


Our Standard Festival Participation Agreement (Terms and Conditions), which all submitted films are expected to follow is as follows:


1. Submission Format
Only films that are submitted via FilmFreeWay will be considered for the festival. We do not accept email submissions.

2. Submission Eligibility
– The Filmmaker is from Taita Taveta County. Taita Taveta transplants in other areas are welcome to submit
– Taita Taveta Film Festival requires that all films have not played to a public audience in Taita Taveta before the festival dates.
– Works-in-progress and documentaries with distribution are accepted.
– All films not in the English or Kiswahili language are required to have subtitles.

3. Submission Fee
All FilmFreeway submissions for Taita Taveta Film Festival are FREE

4. Selection of Films
Submissions are reviewed and selected under the following criteria:
– Quality of narrative and production values
– Independent nature of the production

5. Notification
Taita Taveta Film Festival endeavors to complete all selection procedures by February 20, 2024 and inform all submitting parties, in writing, if their film has been successful or not, after that time.
Successful submissions will receive a Filmmaker Festival Pack that will include important information on shipping the Film to the Festival, press and publicity, guest accreditation, contact information and how to make the most of participating in the Festival.

6. Acceptance
Upon acceptance, filmmakers must provide high-resolution digital photographs, synopsis, credits, poster or other press kits or promotional materials for each film. Filmmakers must also provide a copy of the film trailer (if applicable) and press screeners upon request.

6. Festival Screenings
Selected films MUST provide a video file (.mov or .mp4).in order to be screened at the Taita Taveta Film Festival. The film title MUST be clearly labeled when submitting for screening.

7. Scheduling
Screenings are scheduled during the Festival at the discretion of Taita Taveta Film Festival. Whilst every effort will be made to adhere to the published schedule, Taita Taveta Film Festival reserves the right to make changes at any time for any reason.
No film may be withdrawn from the festival programme after its selection.


  • Amateur videos.
  • Extremist or propaganda content from religious or political organizations.
  • Projects involving politics/films promoting political agenda.
  • Pornography.
  • Films with a poor production standard (bad sound, lack of subtitles for non-English films, poor resolution).


By submitting to the Taita Taveta Film Festival I confirm that I have read and accepted the terms and regulations of TTFF. I will provide the festival with any additional information required pursuant to these rules and regulations. I authorize the Taita Taveta Film Festival to exhibit my film, and if selected, I confirm that an exhibition copy will be available in a required format for screening during the 2024 festivaL. I certify that I hold all necessary rights for the submission of this film/video to the Taita Taveta Film Festival and that all rights and clearances have been made. This film is not subject to any litigation nor is threatened by any litigation. I hold Taita Taveta Film Festival harmless from damage to, or loss of any or all materials en route to, from or otherwise at the festival. I assume all legal responsibilities therein. By agreeing to these terms, I transfer to Taita Taveta Film Festival the right to use excerpts of the submitted film, its stills, and trailers, for the purposes of publicity and marketing of the film at the 2024 festival, and for other non-commercial uses related to the promotion of the 2024 festival. I hereby agree to indemnify Taita Taveta Film Festival, in the event that such rights have not been properly transferred.


Any resemblance of the Taita Taveta Film Festival to other events is purely coincidental.

Email address:

Taita Taveta Film Festival reserves the right to qualify or disqualify any entry (s).